Friday, 13 January 2012

Sex As A Married Woman

Sex As A Married Woman
Picture By Gil Elvgrn

Two Sweaty bodies wrapped up in a quilt, 
The deed not done until his prick starts to wilt, 
The sheets starts to moisten with her sweet cum, 
His hard missile misses and attacks her bum, 
A little squeal here, a large squelch there, 
OUCH, OUCH he's caught a pubic hair. 

So now he moves a bit to his left,
While he moves he take a nibble of breast, 
As she lies there in her dreamy trance, 
He starts to speed up his horizontal dance, 
A kiss or snog he thinks must be right,
She thinks to herself if he doesn't get harder we're be here all night! 

Things start to happen OH he's so much bigger! 
She climbs on top and rides him like trigger,
She moans and groans, thrashes and bites, 
But then he explodes and out goes his lights, 
Still in a frenzy she claws his bum, 
God she wants more ,it should be fun ! 

Suddenly as quickly as it started, 
He's stopped, he's finished, and then he's farted, 
So she tries to caress his cock that has wilted, 
5 minutes of ecstasy and now she feels jilted, 
She goes at in hand quicker and faster, 
He heaves, moves, snores and rolls over, 
All the thought she has left is -
 oh you bastard! 

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