Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Swinging Ads

Swinging  Ads! 

We all know the form and seen the ads ,
The gorgeous couple, that don't seem half bad! 
The woman's bi the guys a stud! 
You've sent your pics and pray,
They don't think of you as duds! 

You speak on the phone and arrange to meet,
He says, screw my wife, yours seem so sweet! 
The day comes, 
Just for a drink! 
Going through your mind 
Is its play time I think! 

So you sit there thinking,
Patiently as you wait, 
A  guy approaches muttering 
Sorry  the wife's not here,
Her period was late! 

He sits real close 
Up to your other half, 
You spy his rug and stifle a laugh! 
When you mention this was just a drink
Surely your wife being on 
Shouldn't stop her meeting us,
 I think ! 

He tries to explain she left him,
 She didn't care! 
But you have to wonder
 Was a wife ever there?
So if placing an ad,
Don't lie, 
Not even a tad! 
Be honest! 
Be open! 
Do not deceive! 
Cos it won't be playtime you'll get
Just a Morans award you'll receive!! 

Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Power Of A Shower

The Power of a Shower 


Tiptoe tiptoe out of the room, 
My hour of space when I can shower and groom, 
Quietly, so as not to interrupt your sleep
I move so slowly,I almost creep.

I make it alone,into the loo, 
Relishing the thought I didn't disturb you ,
My solitary time, My one hour, 
To luxuriate and enjoy a shower.

The Power and force bombards my being. 
I touch and feel without anyone seeing. 
I feel and caress that sensual place. 
The one you touch that makes my heart race! 

It's just my ritual, I like to start this way,
Preparing myself for another new day 
Somehow it always seems to do the trick,
Before I tiptoe back to play with your dick ! 

Car Trouble

Car Trouble 

Yellow Jackets and bloody blue lights, 
We really did Look such a sight! 
In the car and you fancied a bit, 
Trust your back to go into a spasm and fit!

Those Firemen laughed till they almost died, 
Your weight so heavy on me, I almost cried, 
You on top and unable to shift, 
Me wedge underneath exposing my tit !

The roof removed by machine and man 
Your willy shrinking,as only yours can!
I really tried to cover my shame, 
But tell me, who Is your wife going to blame ?  

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