Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Power Of A Shower

The Power of a Shower 


Tiptoe tiptoe out of the room, 
My hour of space when I can shower and groom, 
Quietly, so as not to interrupt your sleep
I move so slowly,I almost creep.

I make it alone,into the loo, 
Relishing the thought I didn't disturb you ,
My solitary time, My one hour, 
To luxuriate and enjoy a shower.

The Power and force bombards my being. 
I touch and feel without anyone seeing. 
I feel and caress that sensual place. 
The one you touch that makes my heart race! 

It's just my ritual, I like to start this way,
Preparing myself for another new day 
Somehow it always seems to do the trick,
Before I tiptoe back to play with your dick ! 


  1. Hot and steamy! And delightfully playful. :o)

  2. Very nice, and playfully sultry. Love the wallpaper, too!

    My entry:

  3. love it,

    stunning sentiments shared.

  4. Very nice. Love the hot shower. My entry this week is

  5. Lovely, funny, entertaining. I like how cool and down to earth this is, simple and descriptive, most people can relate to being in this naughty state. Well executed.