Monday, 4 June 2012

Jean Genie

Jean Genie 

Finally you lie there virginal, untouched, 
I've coveted, wanted and needed you so much,
So now I caress you gently, 
Gazing your softness intently, 
My thighs part for your sweet kisses, 
As my butterfly emerges out from it Chrysalis
Into your soft hugging embrace, 
My stature morphs into one of grace,
I feel that very intimate touch 
Gentle, yet pressure I feel in my crutch.
I'm cocooned within, feeling like a queen
Ready to parade my brand new jeans !

Levis Poster 
How do your Favourite Jeans make you Feel ?

Friday, 13 January 2012

Sex As A Married Woman

Sex As A Married Woman
Picture By Gil Elvgrn

Two Sweaty bodies wrapped up in a quilt, 
The deed not done until his prick starts to wilt, 
The sheets starts to moisten with her sweet cum, 
His hard missile misses and attacks her bum, 
A little squeal here, a large squelch there, 
OUCH, OUCH he's caught a pubic hair. 

So now he moves a bit to his left,
While he moves he take a nibble of breast, 
As she lies there in her dreamy trance, 
He starts to speed up his horizontal dance, 
A kiss or snog he thinks must be right,
She thinks to herself if he doesn't get harder we're be here all night! 

Things start to happen OH he's so much bigger! 
She climbs on top and rides him like trigger,
She moans and groans, thrashes and bites, 
But then he explodes and out goes his lights, 
Still in a frenzy she claws his bum, 
God she wants more ,it should be fun ! 

Suddenly as quickly as it started, 
He's stopped, he's finished, and then he's farted, 
So she tries to caress his cock that has wilted, 
5 minutes of ecstasy and now she feels jilted, 
She goes at in hand quicker and faster, 
He heaves, moves, snores and rolls over, 
All the thought she has left is -
 oh you bastard! 

Valley of love 

Sweet white liquid that trickles on my lips, 
Its intoxicating scent travel down to my tits, 
It makes a puddle in my navel 
where, when my lover is able 
He'll taste my tummy, my lips and then my tits 
When he's savoured all the tastes 
We'll then get round to tasting all the other bits! 

Love Valley in Turkey Cappadocia

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A Passion For Fashion

A Passion For Fashion 

My  passion for fashion, 
Dressed up to the nines, 
With luscious full lips
 That always shine,.
Black sockings seamed 
Teamed up with sexy heels,
 A skin tight leather skirt that 
Will just reveal,
The flash of skin, 
That never fails to make your
Head spin !
 Now not going out 
In that there's no doubt! 
Your too excited! 
But I'm delighted, 
That my peccadillo for  fashion 
Stokes your passion, 
Forget Chanel and Vera Wang 
Just rip my clothes off, 
So we can just bang !

Saturday, 3 September 2011



Remember last September
The night of fun!
You dared me to wear nothing !
Nothing on my bum!

My bum uncovered and also my lady front
That daring night Oh what a stunt
Only you knew that my pubes were nude.
The things you said, so very lewd!

Guess what I loved it so much,
You too from the size of your crutch!
Since then I've done it without you knowing,
So you can sit easy without your cock growing.  

Vintage Pin Up Girls ! - pin-up-girls photo

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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Swinging Ads

Swinging  Ads! 

We all know the form and seen the ads ,
The gorgeous couple, that don't seem half bad! 
The woman's bi the guys a stud! 
You've sent your pics and pray,
They don't think of you as duds! 

You speak on the phone and arrange to meet,
He says, screw my wife, yours seem so sweet! 
The day comes, 
Just for a drink! 
Going through your mind 
Is its play time I think! 

So you sit there thinking,
Patiently as you wait, 
A  guy approaches muttering 
Sorry  the wife's not here,
Her period was late! 

He sits real close 
Up to your other half, 
You spy his rug and stifle a laugh! 
When you mention this was just a drink
Surely your wife being on 
Shouldn't stop her meeting us,
 I think ! 

He tries to explain she left him,
 She didn't care! 
But you have to wonder
 Was a wife ever there?
So if placing an ad,
Don't lie, 
Not even a tad! 
Be honest! 
Be open! 
Do not deceive! 
Cos it won't be playtime you'll get
Just a Morans award you'll receive!! 

Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Power Of A Shower

The Power of a Shower 


Tiptoe tiptoe out of the room, 
My hour of space when I can shower and groom, 
Quietly, so as not to interrupt your sleep
I move so slowly,I almost creep.

I make it alone,into the loo, 
Relishing the thought I didn't disturb you ,
My solitary time, My one hour, 
To luxuriate and enjoy a shower.

The Power and force bombards my being. 
I touch and feel without anyone seeing. 
I feel and caress that sensual place. 
The one you touch that makes my heart race! 

It's just my ritual, I like to start this way,
Preparing myself for another new day 
Somehow it always seems to do the trick,
Before I tiptoe back to play with your dick !