Saturday, 3 September 2011



Remember last September
The night of fun!
You dared me to wear nothing !
Nothing on my bum!

My bum uncovered and also my lady front
That daring night Oh what a stunt
Only you knew that my pubes were nude.
The things you said, so very lewd!

Guess what I loved it so much,
You too from the size of your crutch!
Since then I've done it without you knowing,
So you can sit easy without your cock growing.  

Vintage Pin Up Girls ! - pin-up-girls photo

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  1. I love it! Your poems are so cheeky and arousing. :o)

  2. top humor.
    your words dance with delight.


    signed in to follow your blog.

  3. Loving this side of you, can`t wait to read more. Took me back in time ; )